Myanmar is bordered on Thailand in the East, India in the West, Malayu (Malay) in the South, China in the North-East and Tibet in the North. The territory of Myanmar has a variety of geographical features: the mountainous regions, rivers, streams, wetlands, etc...

Therefore the customs, languages, outlooks and cultures of the different races differ according to the difference in the geographical locations, climate, communications and Inter-relationships. Also we find that domination by a more powerful group over the weaker group, evacuation of a particular Area because of pressure from an invader, migration from the lowlands to higher grounds or valleys, contact lost with other groups due to difficulties in communications and establishment of autonomous entities were the main causes for the emergence of different ethnic tribes and clans in the Tibeto-Burman, Sino-Tai and Mon-Khmer races that migrated into the territory of Myanmar,

The two major races that came into Myanmar territory were the Sino-Tibet and Mon-Khmers. Sino-Tibetans further separated into

Tibeto-Burman and Sino-Tai. The Tibeto-Burman group split into three groups and spread to the east, middle and the west. The group that came to the middle of the country comprised:

a) Bamar
b) Maru-Azi
c) Kadu-Ka nan
d) Danu-Taung Yo
e) Rakhine
f) Inn thar
g) Dawei
h) Yaw-Taung thar and other smaller tribes.